Restore Entire Deleted Photos with Sony Photo Recovery Software

These days Sony Digital Camera is one of the most leading and demanded camera found in the market. It provides beautiful appearance along with high picture quality in almost all the models. Sony digital camera is available with high pixel of 10.20 million that is helpful in providing wonderful photos to the users. In spite of powerful features and hight pixel camera all these things fails at the time of photo loss situation. This is the situation in which the need to recover the deleted photos arises..

Reason behind photo loss from Sony digital camera are discussed below:

  • By accidental deletion like you want to delete any one or two photo from camera and for this it provides “Delete one” or “Delete All” option and by mistake by click on “Delete All” option and finally entire photos gets deleted.
  • Transfer photos from memory card to system and after this you delete entire photos from memory card. But after sometimes you realize that the photos have not been completely transferred.
  • Due to sudden camera shut down or pulling out the memory card while the camera were in use.
  • By mistake you format the memory card of your digital camera.
  • corruption, media corruption or damage,Virus attack

Due to all these situation user encounter that entire stored data have become inaccessible and worst happens when data gets deleted. In this situation it becomes important to perform the recovery of lost of deleted photos, pictures, audio/video etc. For that user can try Sony Photo Recovery Software. This software has powerful algorithm that performs advanced scanning of the memory card and then restores the lost and deleted data in a safe and secure location. This recovery software also allows users to watch the preview at the recovery moment.


Supporting Photo File formats:-

Sony Photo recovery software supports different photo file format like SRF, SF2, ARW file format of Sony Digital Camera. Along with this the software is also capable to support GIF, TIF, BMP, JPG, (Windows), MRW, DCR (Mac). This recovery software supports and recovers the deleted image from almost all these Raw image file format. Supporting Video File formats:-

This software supports video file format like AVI, RM, MPG, (Windows) and WMV, FLV, ASF, (Mac). Software has the capability to recover the deleted videos in a safe manner. The software has sophiticated algorithms that will perform the complete scanning of the system and restore all the lost data as make them accessible.

Supporting Audio File Formats:-

Sony digital camera supports AMR Audio file format and this file format is also supported by this software. Other than this other audio file format like MP3, WAV, WMA, (Windows) and M4A, MID (MIDI) (Mac) are also supported by this software. With powerful algorithm this software performs the recovery in a safe and secure manner.

Supporting Memory Cards:-

The memory card of Sony Camera is memory stick that is supported by this software along with this it also supports MultiMedia Card MMC, Floppy Disk(Windows) and (XD) Card, (CF) card (Mac). All the photos that are lost from these memory card can easily be recovered by using this software. Supporting Camera Models:-

These days there are many Sony Models available in the market according to the demand like:Sony DSC TX7C, Sony Cybershot DSC-WX1, Sony DSC-W230, Sony DSC-W220, Sony Cybershot W310, Sony Cybershot S3000, Sony DSC-T900 all these models have latest features in spite of that photos still get deleted or lost. This software supports all the different camera model and performs safe recovery of photos.

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User Guide for Mac

Sony Photo Recovery:User Guide for Mac

Step 1 - Download and Launch the software. Now connect the media devices as camera, SD cards, USB drives to the system. Now click on the 'Start Scan' icom that is found below the Data Recovery Tab.

Step 2 - List of all the drives and logical volumes will appear on the Screen. Here you can select the volume or drive that has to be recovered and now click on the 'Start Scan' or 'Advanced Scan' option that will recover all youe lost audio, video, images easily.

Step 3 - After clicking on the 'Advanced Scan' option, a 'File list' tab will display all the of different supported camera specific file formats.Select the file type for recovery and then click on 'Start Scan' option to start the scanning process to recover all the lost data.

Step 4 - This will complete the scanning process and all the recovered files will be listed on the left hand side in a seperate folders according to their category that is audio, video, images etc. All the files will be listed in the right-bottom pane and here you can preview the recovered files in the upper-right pane to see the preview.

Step 5 -Select all the files that have to be recovered and then click on the 'Recover' button to save all of them. A dialog Box will appear on the screen that will allow to browse the desired location of the recovered data by clicking on the 'Choose' option.

Step 6 - Finally,it will save all the data that has to be recovered and the saving process will appear on the progress bar in the bottom of the screen.

User Guide for Windows

Sony Photo Recovery:User Guide for Windows

Step 1- Download and Install the Software and Attach the media for recovery to the computer. Click on the 'Recover Photo,Video & Audio' option that appears on the main interface of the software.

Step 2-Select the drive from which recovery is to be done.Click on the 'Start Now' option that will start the recovery

Step 3:-'Advance Scan' option lets you customize the recovery depending on file types.

Step 4:- After that you can preview the recovered data in three different styles that is Cover Flow Files, Thumbnail View, and List View.

Step 5:- A dialouge Box will appear on the screen that will ask the user for the desired location for saving the recovered files. Once the user specify the location all the data will be saved.